Interview with Shrek Forever After Director Mike Mitchell

In this interview below, Shrek Forever After director Mike Mitchell calls the original Shrek “one of the greatest told fairy tales of all time.” If you count box office dollars as votes, the audience agrees. The first 3 Shrek films hold 3 of the top 6 all-time grossing animated movie slots, with Shrek 2 in the top spot.

The animation community doesn’t seem to respect this DreamWorks Animation series in quite the same way, and I’d say the visual appeal, which is mediocre, and the abundance of what you might call “cheap” pop-culture gags combine to create that dischord. Plus, the 3rd movie was pretty awful, tallying a 44% on, further irritating the animation community. With Shrek Forever After releasing on May 21st, do you think it will live up to Mitchell’s lofty praise for the original, or will it fall into the sequel garbage heap?

Mike Mitchell

…and here’s a clip featuring Puss ‘n Boots and Shrek

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