Sock Monkey Feature Teaser Awakens

Tony Millionaire (The Drinky Crow Show) has paired up with Matt Danner (The Looney Tunes Show, Xiaolin Showdown) and Director Nik Fackler (Sick Birds Die Easy) to bring his Sock Monkey book series to life. This teaser below coincides with the release of Sock Monkey: Into The Deep Woods, which just hit shelves earlier this month, and Danner has crafted a feature script that is now being shopped to studios and financiers, according to Deadline.

Based on Tony Millionaire’s “The Glass Doorknob”
Created by Tony Millionaire
Producer and Animation Director – Matt Danner
Director – Nik Fackler
Director of Photography – Sean Kirby
Puppet Design/Fabrication – Tony Candelaria
Puppet Design/ Fabrication – Carmen Candelaria
Puppeteer – James P. Murray
Puppet Wrangler – Sarah Dagger
Glass Dooknob provided by – Todd Richardson

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