French Animators Combine To Form Greatness

Vic Chhun and Mohamed Fadera recently collected 17 French animators together to create a visual explosion. It’s all stuffed into an animated 4-minute music video for a track by edIT, titled if you crump stand up. Each animator created roughly 15 seconds of the video. I believe most of the artists once attended EMCA.

Animated by:
Vic CHHUN – [00'05"]
William LABORIE – [00'25"]
David MAINGAULT – [00'40"]
Leyla KADDOURA – [00'55"]
Faouzi HAMMADI – [01'10"]
Anne-Lou ERAMBERT – [01'25"]
Raphaël CHABASSOL – [01'40"]
Abdel Raouf ZAIDI – [01'55"]
Yvon JARDEL – [02'10"]
Thierno BAH – [02'25"]
Viviane KARPP – [02'40"]
Jeremy PIRES – [02'55"]
Delphine DUSSOUBS – [03'10"]
Jonathan Djob NKONDO – [03'25"]
Mehdi TEBBAKH – [03'40"]
Mohamed FADERA – [03'55"]

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