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Behind the Scenes at Robot Chicken

I only got in one day at Comic-Con this year, which makes me sad. I missed handfuls of great [...]

Clips From New Adult Swim Series Southies

I’ve got scant information about Carl Adams’ new South-Boston-centric Adult Swim series, Southies, but below you can see a few [...]

Robot Chicken: Star Wars – Episode II DVD

Robot Chicken: Star Wars – Episode II, which originally aired on Adult Swim on November 16, 2008, is officially out [...]

Misseri’s Sand Animation Series A.E.I.O.U

We’ve mentioned it here before, but it’s worth another watch. Here’s a new episode of the children’s animated series [...]

FX Seeks Animated Bullseye With Archer

According to, the FX network has picked up 6 episodes of a new animated adult comedy, titled Archer. It’s [...]

The Goode Family is Bombing

ABC’s new animated-series The Goode Family is tanking. Acoording to Wikipedia, the show, which has moved from Wednesdays to [...]

Michael Jackson Animation on South Park

Thriller and Off the Wall are undoubtedly some of the best albums of all-time (Rolling Stone puts them at #20 [...]