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Beakus Team Illustrates Origins of Penny Dreadful

To help promote Showtime’s new live-action series Penny Dreadful, the team at Beakus have been called into action. Lead by [...]

Sailor Moon Episode Re-animated Via Crowdsourcing

Moon Animate Make-Up! is a crowdsourced project that’s attempting to re-imagine a full 25-minute episode of Sailor Moon, the ground-breaking [...]


Enjoy Six of the Best StoryCorps Animations

The magical creation that is StoryCorps (bringing real stories from everyday people to life with animation) has blossomed into a [...]


Chozen Sprung From Development into an Episode Order

Chozen is a gay rapper, just out of lock-up, looking to piece it all back together. He’s the creation of [...]


Watch the Latest Rick and Morty Trailer

Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland’s new Adult Swim series Rick and Morty has a slight whiff of Back to [...]


StoryCorps Brings Act of Love to TV

On November 28, PBS will air the first StoryCorps Special, titled Listening Is an Act of Love. Animated by The [...]


South Park Unveils New CG Title Sequence

Rolling in front of the 1st episode of season 17 was a brand-new South Park title sequence. The whole aesthetic [...]