Kampmark Captures Spirit of Roskilde Festival

Students at The Animation Workshop recently teamed up with Roskilde Festival, the Danish music event. The goal was to create [...]

Supinfocom Student Reveal When You Broke My Heart

When You Broke My Heart is a new CG short directed by Lisa Fenoll, Laura Fleischmann, Anaïs Gresser, Charles Lemor [...]


Say Hello to Bye Bye Bunny

Back in 2012, we posted a clip of Bye Bye Bunny, a CG short directed by Julia Bueno, Cheng Li, [...]


Backbone Rises Out of ECV Bordeaux

Doriane Gavaud, Kévin Macioszczyk and Loris Perraudin, students at ECV Bordeaux in France, have released their latest CG short. [...]


Crazy Funking Good Student Short From VHS

Hans Finkeldey’s student short from Vancouver Film School, titled Pure Funk, doesn’t really get into a groove until around the [...]


See The Latest Annecy Opening Short From Gobelins

The latest Gobelins-sourced short that opened the 2013 Annecy festival puts you in the center of a wheel-shaped town that [...]


Fancy Family Helps Open 2013 Annecy Festival

Another 2013 Annecy opening film is out, this one by directors Debora Cruchon, Eve Ceccarelli, Marie-Pierre Demessant, Batiste Perron and [...]