A 4 Year Quest To Produce Epic Star Wars Short

Paul Johnson is a much bigger Star Wars fan than you. Want proof? Watch TIE Fighter, his 7-minute Star Wars [...]

Mothersbaugh is a California Creation

Mark Mothersbaugh, who my kids know as the interesting guy who draws stuff on Yo Gabba Gabba!, is known to [...]


Dinosaurs: Terrible or Morons?

Joel Veitch (the purveyor of Rathergood, and creator of the Quiznos Spongmonkeys) has teamed up with Alex Mallinson and David [...]


A Charming Gnome and Deer Checker Battle

Co-Directors Emmanuelle Leleu and Julien Hazebroucq have just released their new short, titled My Dear Gnome, which was produced out [...]


Lebeau and NFB Steer Big Drive Online

Anita Lebeau’s 2011 animated short, titled Big Drive, is a beautifully-animated tale of 4 sisters on a family road trip [...]


Sweetness! Check Out Candy Power Dorothy

Joe Yong Hoon’s new animated action short Candy Power Dorothy drops us into a world of anthropomorphic food.


Fox Buttons Up Dresslocked

Dresslocked is the title of Domareen Fox’s new short film, which examples a woman’s self-image by way of the “simple [...]