Lose Your Senses In This Moving Artwork

Back in March of 2013, we posted a trailer for a new short film out of Poland’s Grupa Smacznego. It’s [...]

Bad Vibes in Your House

Michael Marczewski’s short Bad Vibes could make you fear the inanimate objects around your house. And I will think twice [...]


Mortal Breakup Inferno – a Cautionary Tale

The Mortal Breakup Inferno is a very appropriate title for this intense firestorm of a short film. We see the [...]


Gobelins Students’ Opening Knight

One of many, Folamor is one of many new shorts to find the internet today. This story about a young [...]


Jiani Serves Up Black Sugar

Jiani Cao’s graduation film from her studies at Sheridan in Canada is abstract, in a very compelling way. Titled Black [...]


Lava Set to Erupt in 2015

James Ford Murphy helmed the upcoming CG short Lava, which will precede screenings of Pete Docter’s 2015 film Inside Out. [...]


Dripped Explores All-Consuming Art Passion

Director Léo Verrier, via ChezEddy, invites you into a world of modern art, and a man who consumes it, literally. [...]