3rd Year Sheridan Students Ready To End it All

Here’s Mort, a short from third year students at Sheridan in Canada. His name is Mort, but he’s also into [...]

French Students Tell Bronx Baseball Tale

Amandine Durand and Nicolas Wax, students at the French animation school EMCA Angoulême, have delivered a very American story in [...]


Swarbrick’s World Cup Animations

About this time last year we featured Richard Swarbrick’s NBA finals moments, animated with such great fluidity and energy. He’s [...]


Bank Robbin’ Grannies Help Animation Students Graduate

Escarface is a new, CG student film about a pair of senior citizens who plot a bank robbery. The 5 [...]


Nana Splits Says Butter Ya’Self

CalArts student Julian Petschek drew inspiration from Drake and Lil Wayne as he created this new, stop-motion music video titled [...]


Wayne Doesn’t Have Much of a Brain

Wayne The Stegosaurus is a new Motionpoem from directing duo Aran Quinn & Jeffrey Dates. They leaned on Kenn Nesbitt’s [...]


Brothers McLeod Launch Phone Home

Long distance relationships can be rough, as illustrated in the latest short from The Brothers McLeod. Phone Home originally premiered [...]