Borislav Will Slowly Hook You

Borislav, a graduation film out of The Animation Workshop in Denmark, is a brooding, gorgeous new work. It’s almost entirely [...]

Plump Bird Takes Flight on Vimeo

The Tale of the Plump Bird is a free-form, animated short by Japan’s Saki Iyori that appears to employ mostly [...]


Was Cleopatra Hot or Was She a Dog?

Created for a MuCEM exhibit in France, Volubilis is a new CG short that recasts Cleopatra as a dog. Now [...]


Supinfocom Student Short Observes Lent

A 1559 painting by Bruegel serves as inspiration for a new CG short out of Supinfocom Arles in France. The [...]


Slovenian Team Plants the Seeds of Koyaa

ZVVIKS, the Slovenian production house, has shared a trailer for their new stop-motion short titled Koyaa – Flower. The short [...]


Bibo the Lonely Ice Cream Robot

Russian animator Anton Chistiakov has enjoyed a 1-year run on the festival circuit with his CG short Bibo, but now [...]


Little Yeyos – a CG Chinese Short Goes Viral

Little Yeyos (aka Little Night Wanderers) is a new CG short produced by Light Chaser Animation, a new Chinese animation [...]