Lava Set to Erupt in 2015

James Ford Murphy helmed the upcoming CG short Lava, which will precede screenings of Pete Docter’s 2015 film Inside Out. [...]

Dripped Explores All-Consuming Art Passion

Director Léo Verrier, via ChezEddy, invites you into a world of modern art, and a man who consumes it, literally. [...]


Will Ferrell Producing Henchmen

Bron Studios’ 3 minute short, titled Henchmen: Ill Suited, is now on track for adaptation into a feature film. Adam [...]


Lee Conjures Satan’s Plight

Maria Lee’s devilish new short, The Nether Regions, has just premiered on Vimeo. The 3-minute, stop-motion short features the booming [...]


Cactus Flower Blooms For Yoo

Seungah Yoo, an animator and illustrator living in Seoul, has produced a new short film titled Cactus Flower. Using gallery-worthy, [...]


3rd Year Sheridan Students Ready To End it All

Here’s Mort, a short from third year students at Sheridan in Canada. His name is Mort, but he’s also into [...]


French Students Tell Bronx Baseball Tale

Amandine Durand and Nicolas Wax, students at the French animation school EMCA Angoulême, have delivered a very American story in [...]