Golden Wolf Tracks Down Oasis Spot

The Golden Wolf team has added their gorgeous stamp to the online service called Seek & Send, a service provided [...]

Pizza Toppings Made From Felt

Oregon-based animation director Paul Harrod recently helmed a new series of six stop-motion spots for Boston Pizza. The entire production [...]


Tissue Paper Turned Into Animated Animals

Here’s a new stop-motion short film created for the Japanese tissue company Nepia. Each tissue animal was created using a [...]


Passion Drives This New Version of A-ha’s Take On Me

John Robertson at Passion Pictures recently directed this homage to A-ha’s famous 1985, animated music video for their track Take [...]


Assembly Team Bites Into Tip Top Spot

Assembly director Sean Dekkers recently rolled out a new spot for the New Zealand ice cream brand Tip Top. Merging [...]


Psyop Pushes Friendly Commuting Message

Kylie Matulick, a director at Psyop, helmed this new spot for New Zealand’s Drive Social ad campaign. She weaves in [...]


Monkeystack Puts Band-aid on Red Cross Project

Director Troy Bellchambers helps us learn the valuable lesson about band-aids – they can only help so much. Plenty of [...]