BYB Powers University Study on Millennials

The mightily talented team at Blame Your Brother directed this new spot for the Centre of Longitudinal Studies who are conducting a study on humans born near the beginning of the millennium. Its titled The Power to Change the Future:

Directed by: BYB
Written by: Drew Frohmann, BYB
Art Direction: Geoff Donovan
Color Design: Geoff Donovan
Storyboard: Simon Pauette
Layout/Design: Geoff Donovan, Darren Donovan
Character Design: Marc Bascoungnano, Darren Donovan
Character Posing: James Walsh, Darren Donovan
Character Animation: Chris Land, Michelle Tripp, Andre Guindi, Brentton Barkman, Noam Sussman
2D FX Animation: Darren Donovan
Editor: Tom Berger
Compositing: Nathan Day
Sound: Tattoo Sound and Music
Original Composition: Brent Barkman
Agency: Blame Your Brother

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