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Plunder Pirates Embark on Animated Shenaningans

Plunder Pirates is a new iOS game (coming soon to Android) from Midoki, produced for Rovio. The team has also [...]

Whitehead Harvests Festival Short

Fallt is Chadwick Whitehead’s parable of a farmer who is trying “to keep his farm when Mr. Fall’s fault finding [...]


YouTube Kids App Gets Animated Kickoff

Josh Parker & Evan Anthony were recently called upon by YouTube to help roll out their new video product YouTube [...]


O’Hara Offers A Different Perspective

Chris O’Hara, an California-based artist who has worked on series like The Amazing World of Gumball, has revealed his festival [...]


Animated Goats Invade China

Elia Gardella recently moved to Shanghai and the surroundings influenced this new greeting card which composites animation over live-action footage [...]


Kromann Finished School Dead or Alive

Lærke Kromann’s graduation short from the Animation Workshop is titled Dead or Alive. It’s a CG tale about a struggling [...]


Jeremy Clapin Adds Gravity to Innocent Video

French animator Jeremy Clapin directed this new music video for Hundred Waters, the Flordia-based band. The track is titled Innocent, [...]