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Sylvain Chomet Directs New Animated Music Video

Stromae (aka Paul Van Haver), a Belgian hip hop artist, has just released a new music video that was directed [...]

Sun & Moon Shed Light On Daylight Savings

Stephen Fry narrates this BBC iWonder short that focuses on the human history of Daylight Savings, a concept conceived by [...]


Manetta’s SVA Film is Hijacked

Elena Manetta created a sea-faring world filled with unique animal characters for her third year film during her studies at [...]


A 4 Year Quest To Produce Epic Star Wars Short

Paul Johnson is a much bigger Star Wars fan than you. Want proof? Watch TIE Fighter, his 7-minute Star Wars [...]


9 Animators Illuminate Dan Deacon Track

Nine talented animators were brought together to created this new music video for Dan Deacon. Adult Swim initiated the project [...]


Mothersbaugh is a California Creation

Mark Mothersbaugh, who my kids know as the interesting guy who draws stuff on Yo Gabba Gabba!, is known to [...]


Dinosaurs: Terrible or Morons?

Joel Veitch (the purveyor of Rathergood, and creator of the Quiznos Spongmonkeys) has teamed up with Alex Mallinson and David [...]