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Bra Busts Out As Star of Animated Triumph Spot

A woman’s bra will get the typical teen boy pretty damn excited, but I’m not sure that kid could top [...]

Mill Team Snacks on Oreo Blizzard Campaign

Matthew Darnall, a director at The Mill, lead the charge on a new series of animated spots for Dairy Queen. [...]


French Student Creates Miyazaki-Inspired World

Gwenn Germain’s 5th year of studies at Créapole ESDI in Paris have resulted in this incredibly elaborate faux movie trailer. [...]


French Student’s Short Break’s Free

Quentin Dubois is having a ton of fun animating. You can tell by watching this new short produced by this [...]


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’s Fantastic Fourth

The 2nd Kickstarter-funded installment of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is out on Vimeo, and in this one the gang [...]


Shed Team Ignites Anti-Smoking PSA

Sacha Ouimet directed this new animated anti-smoking PSA out of Quebec. Animation was handled at Shed.


Tanguy’s Ode To Early Animation

Jean-Matthieu Tanguy directed and animated, along with Stéphane Cronier, this new music video for a track from Slow Joe & [...]