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Plump Bird Takes Flight on Vimeo

The Tale of the Plump Bird is a free-form, animated short by Japan’s Saki Iyori that appears to employ mostly [...]

Was Cleopatra Hot or Was She a Dog?

Created for a MuCEM exhibit in France, Volubilis is a new CG short that recasts Cleopatra as a dog. Now [...]


3dar Team Rocks Out in Brazil

Buenos Aires-based studio 3dar recently teamed up with Brazilian mobile carrier Oi Galera for a new TV spot. Credits below [...]


Supinfocom Student Short Observes Lent

A 1559 painting by Bruegel serves as inspiration for a new CG short out of Supinfocom Arles in France. The [...]


Gangster Film Opens With Animation

Gangster is a new live-action feature hitting theaters today in India. The film begins with an animated prologue, telling the [...]


Putting Shackles on the Monster in the Closet

Yves Geleyn, via Hornet Inc, has directed a powerful new PSA that urges all gun owners to use caution and [...]


Russian Animation Festival Kicks Off Conan Style

In a little Russian town named Suzdal, the 2014 Open Festival of Animated Film will commence on May 19th. This [...]