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Kotila Directs Good Life For TJH87

Finnish animator Kalle Kotila directed and animated this new music video for TJH87, the Finnish electronic music duo. The track [...]

Will Ferrell Producing Henchmen

Bron Studios’ 3 minute short, titled Henchmen: Ill Suited, is now on track for adaptation into a feature film. Adam [...]


Hyper Realistic Animation in Alien: Isolation Trailer

Ben Hibon directed this new trailer for Alien: Isolation (out in Oct 2014), a new first-person horror video game by [...]


Lee Conjures Satan’s Plight

Maria Lee’s devilish new short, The Nether Regions, has just premiered on Vimeo. The 3-minute, stop-motion short features the booming [...]


Rubber House Delivers Adult Swim Idents

The Rubber House team in Australia has been hard at work on a series of new idents for Adult Swim. [...]


Graduation After Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Dream is the title of a new music video for a track of the same name. It was [...]


Get Ready to Open the Book of Life

The 2nd trailer for Jorge R. Guiterrez’ CG feature the Book of Life is out and it looks visually stunning [...]