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Jansen’s Animation Battles For Peace

A Battle For Peace is one of the segments from 12 Minutes About Peace, a collection of 12 one-minute animated [...]

Sock Monkey Feature Teaser Awakens

Tony Millionaire (The Drinky Crow Show) has paired up with Matt Danner (The Looney Tunes Show, Xiaolin Showdown) and Director [...]


Carton Contributes to Palmer’s Star

LA-based filmmaker Matthew Palmer’s latest work is titled The Star, a parable about hope in an otherwise hopeless life. Illustration [...]


1950 Masterpiece The King and the Mockingbird Re-Released

The King and the Mockingbird, a 2D animated film directed by Paul Grimault, and originally released in 1952, is being [...]


The Peanuts Movie Is a Family Affair

The Peanuts Movie, which is being co-written by Charles Schulz’ son, Craig and grandson, Bryan. This is the feature film [...]


Martinez Fires Up Halloween Theme Veet Spots

Cesar ‘El Diablo’ Martinez directed a new series of Halloween-themed spots for Veet, the line of hair removal products. Here’s [...]


Schreiber Grows PlantBottle Spot

Coke’s PlantBottle is a new packaging innovation that, instead of being made from fossil fuels, is created with materials made [...]