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Supamonks Team Powers Fishing Train

Fishing Train is a new CG short about “two mercenaries go to a very special fishing trip.” The high-energy adventure [...]

Buck Animates White Chocolate Xmas For McDonalds

Ryan Honey lead the team at Buck, the studio that created this new winter-themed spot for McDonalds.


Giant Ant Tackles Bullying Topic With Stickboy

Animation and opera go together like… ummm… well they don’t. At least not until this week. Giant Ant and [...]


Over the Garden Wall Promo by Bent Image Lab

Over the Garden Wall premieres next Monday on Cartoon Network. This mini-series about two brothers lost in a forest will [...]


Pecknold Seeks the Meaning of Life for NYT

LA-based animator Sean Pecknold was recently commissioned by the New York Times Magazine to create a short that seeks to [...]


Disney Lights Up Feast Teaser

Patrick Osborne was the head of animation for Disney’s Paperman, which won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film at [...]


First Look at 500 New Peanuts Shorts

Late last year it was revealed that France’s Normaal Animation would be producing an eye-popping 500(!) new Peanuts shorts, helping [...]