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Lava Set to Erupt in 2015

James Ford Murphy helmed the upcoming CG short Lava, which will precede screenings of Pete Docter’s 2015 film Inside Out. [...]

Dripped Explores All-Consuming Art Passion

Director Léo Verrier, via ChezEddy, invites you into a world of modern art, and a man who consumes it, literally. [...]


Carboni Drives Animation For Future’s Coupe

Chris Carboni recently directed this new music video for Future’s track Coupe. Its part of the Adult Swim 2014 Singles [...]


Watch an Animated Scene Build in The Congress

Jon Hamm plays the head animator in Ari Folman’s (Waltz With Bashir) latest film, The Congress. Animation is also on [...]


David OReilly Makes You Relive Childhood

David OReilly’s Adult Swim short is as fun as childhood, and as painful and horrifying as childhood. That’s probably why [...]


Aatma Marries Up With Zoosk

Aatma Studio was behind this new animated campaign for Zoosk, the online dating service. Tony Benna directed.


Tales of Stuff is a Blast From the Past

David de Rooij, an animator/illustrator living in the Netherlands has begun producing a new series of shorts titled Tales of [...]